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Cross Country Skiing


Enjoy a feeling of serenity while gliding over freshly fallen snow on a frozen lake with a pair of cross-country skies, a wonderful way to experience the beauty of a sparkling winter day. In the winter months, there are many frozen lakes and paths through the forests of the surrounding area where you can enjoy this beautiful time of year with your friends and family. We can offer a limited supply of skies and equipment yet additional guests would have to make further arrangements or bring their own.

Fishing On Big Lake
Fun In The Snow




When the temperatures drop below zero, the waters of ponds and lakes begin to freeze, soon the ice can become several feet thick, offering incredible skating opportunities. Bring your skates to enjoy a fun time carving up the ice on one of many lakes in the surrounding area. Or play a game of hockey with your entire family. Depending on weather conditions, we can sometimes have an entire lake frozen like a mirror or a heavy amount of snow covering the precious ice, regardless of that a big snow shovel can always fix that problem giving you and your family a great winter experience.




Ice fishing is a real winter activity for the fisherman or fisherwoman, it's and experience that will bring you outside from hiding behind the stove, it's activity paired with enjoying winter wonderland sitting on a block of wood beside your fishing hole, maybe warming up at a small fire enjoying a hot drink from your thermos and around you a 360 degree view of paradise, wilderness in it’s winter sleep, silence disrupted only by the call of birds or wolves and coyotes howling in the woods. If you are lucky you will catch a beautiful Rainbow Trout for your dinner and your day will be rewarded with joy.




Family Fun in the snow is up to you to create for yourself or with your friends and family together. Snow offers so many opportunities to act like a child going back in time, from the fresh cold air your cheeks start glowing while rolling in the deep fluffy snow, a feeling of joy and happiness overcomes you, there is nothing to hold you back from coming in the winter and enjoying this snowy winter wonderland far away from your home.

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