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Our small cottage has a lot of charm and is just big enough for a cozy and romantic accommodation in the wilderness. Everything you need is available, if not we will do our best to supply it for you. Two single beds with down comforters and cushions will make you sleep like on cloud nine. The wood heater, will keep you warm and will heat up water for your hot drinks or a nice warm face and hand wash at a small lavabo.

A desk for writing your memoirs and a lounge chair for relaxing in front of the warm stove, listening to the kettle singing along, will soon become your entertainment centre. The cottage has electric or kerosene lights and AC power for a computer or charging your phone, limited Wifi internet access is available on the entire perimeter around the chalet. In front of the cottage is a little campfire pit with wooden benches for a joyful evening around the fire.


A picnic table and an outdoor kitchen with propane barbecue and smoker for the fish you caught. A small wash house with a shower stall for your convenience and small wood fired one man hot tub to relax. An outhouse and hand washing station for your personal needs is located beside the cottage. The cottage is situated just a short walking distance from the chalet where you will have your meals or just spent time to visit or relax and enjoy your stay.

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