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Nemiah Valley Bed And Breakfast
Flower Garden
Dining Room
Wood Kitchen Stove
Bed And Breakfast
Marble Cheese Cake
Rainbow Trout
Organic Garden
Green House
Organic Broccoli
Organic Carrots
Vacation Rental Canada

Let the photo gallery speak for itself, telling you more about our Chalet. Most of the food we serve comes directly from our organic garden, fish from the lake at our doorstep, the groceries we buy, are mostly organic and of best quality. The meals are prepared on a wood cookstove, bread and pastry are freshly baked in the oven, we always prepare our food fresh and for your special dietary needs. During your stay you are welcome to make phone calls free of charge and use our limited Wifi internet access, that's restricted to a small contingent for uploading and downloading. The use of canoes or rowboats on Big Lake, is free for our guests and we also have a few bicycles available for exploring the backyard. We are looking forward to welcome you as our guests on your vacation. We prefer having only small groups of people, two is ideal, but not more than four and for larger groups we have to make special arrangements on inquiry. 


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