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Fresh snow covering the up to 3,000m high peaks surrounding Chilko Lake.

The dark silhouette of an ancient tree gazing over the vast waters of Chilko Lake.

The perfect moment capturing a mighty

Bald Eagle spreading it’s wings for take off.

A Black Bear wandering along a stretch of beach in mid fall, searching for salmon washed ashore.

A spectacular array of Aurora Borealis lighting up the nights starry sky.

The fading light of a cold winter sunset illuminating the clouds.

The rich colours of autumn, reflecting their glamour in the glistening calm waters.

A view so spectacular it’s just like Shangri La,

Mt Merriam and Muir Lake reflecting their beauty.

The view from the very end of Franklin Arm on Chilko Lake, so close you can touch the mountains.

The mysterious shapes of a forest lost in time revealing it’s dark shadows thru the morning mist.

An endless array of stunning sunsets and sunrises lighting up the sky like fire itself.

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