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Every year more than a million Sockeye Salmon return to their home spawning grounds along the shores of Chilko Lake, to start a new life cycle each year. After traveling over 800 kilometres to reach their final destination, you can watch them from the shores, lay their eggs into the gravel beds along the streams and beaches of Chilko Lake. A display of flashing colours as they swim through the crystal clear waters for the last few days before giving up their life to provide food for other animals like Bears and Eagles. Watch the Grizzly Bears feed on the salmon as they are washed ashore and witness Bald Eagles fishing and feeding their young ones, turning your adventure into a once in a lifetime experience.

Soakeye Salmon Chilko River
White Saddle Helicopter Tours

Sightseeing with a helicopter is a one of kind experience, soaring high above the clouds, giving you a bird's eye view of the world, turning a half an hour flight into something unbelievable beautiful. Flying over mountain tops, crossing valleys and gliding over ice fields reflecting the glistening sunshine, blue lakes look like jewels from above, the third dimension becomes reality, some people stay speechless while others step out of the chopper with tears in their eyes. Flying with a helicopter is not cheap but with five to six people sharing an adventures in the sky makes it affordable.

White Saddle Air Services with Mike King,

offer flights to almost any location, you will be able to board a helicopter directly from Chilkotin Sunrise Chalet, 5 to 6 people will fit comfortably in one of Mike’s Bell Long Ranger Helicopters. White Saddle also offers mountaineers and adventurers who would like to go on ski tours, the option to transport skiers and equipment to their destination and make food drops for skiing and hiking expeditions. We are able to arrange flights for you or you can contact Mike at White Saddle Air Services.



Flying Over Chilko Lake
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