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Hiking The Tchaikazan Valley

Hiking in the surrounding area offers adventure

at it’s best, for any hiker regardless your level of experience. Day-hikes or multi-day trekking tours on established trails, old exploration roads or try finding your own path, also known as bushwalking! While hiking you will encounter beautiful little streams, roaring rivers and crystal clear lakes all the way to alpine meadows filled with colourful alpine flora and the chance to catch a glimpse of this regions impressive wildlife. Clime to the top of unnamed summits offering spectacular views, giving you the feeling

to be on top of the world overlooking the

coast mountains till the horizon.

Set up your camp for the night in a beautiful location. Collect fire wood and find fresh water from wells, streams or lakes, that offer safe drinking water for the most part, a tasty way to refresh yourself after a long days hike. Pitch your tents or build a natural shelter from material you can scavenge on the ground, add a small tarp and you will be sheltered from the rain and wind all night long. Cook your meals over a small campfire, enjoy having a great time in the wild with companions and friends. Far away from the hustle and bustle of urban areas, sleep under the open sky filled with twinkling stars, listening to the sound of silence connecting you to the universe.

Camping In Canada
Canada Wilderness Tours

Canoe and kayak touring combined with hiking excursions is often a very interesting way to explore the wilderness from the water and on foot. With boats you are able to explore vast areas where no road access is possible and where you are unable to carry appropriate amounts of luggage with you. You will find a large number of long lake chains connected by a river system of small creeks that are passable with small boats, in these areas like mentioned there is always a great chance to view wildlife from save distances, bears and eagles can often be found scavenging for fish along these shorelines, providing photographers with great picture taking opportunities from a safe distance.

And for the more courageous adventures, Taskeo River also offers excellent river rafting opportunities but for these kind of tours the proper equipment and a high level of experience is required. Experience the thrill and excitement of cooking on a campfire, roasting wieners and marshmallows, enjoying a hot kettle of tea or coffee, sitting around a campfire is something special, it always takes you back in time. The dancing flames, the smell and sound a crackling fire makes. An atmosphere of magic that also gives you a sense and feeling of protection, not to compare with when you turn up your heater at home! Regardless if you are alone or with friends this is always a very special way to end a day before crawling into your sleeping bag to be carried away into your dreams.

Camping On Chilko Lake
Tchaikazan Valley And River


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